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Actus legis nemini facit injurium

Revolutionizing Legal Services

RSB Law Chambers' Global Approach to Virtual Legal Assistance

While the majority of registered law firms across jurisdictions primarily focus on advising clients on legal rights and responsibilities, navigating judicial forums, handling criminal and civil issues, and facilitating legally accepted business transactions, they typically engage with clients who are physically present at their relevant locations.

RSB Law takes a distinctive approach, opening its doors to the international community encountering challenges in managing legal tasks in Sri Lanka or vice versa. Our emphasis lies in prioritizing virtual services, ensuring a seamless execution of legal assistance to clients globally.

Implementing such a strategy presents inherent challenges, but our profound understanding of the subject of law and close ties with the legal fraternity in Sri Lanka have made our endeavor successful and conveniently managed.

Types of services we can provide

  • Consultation for legal information and advice regarding clients’ issues.

  • Consultation to review documents, such as agreements, leases, wills, and corporate documents.

  • Representation of clients’ rights before any legal forum.

  • Mediation, arbitration, or other third-party services.

  • Handling property matters.

  • Managing corporate matters.

  • Addressing constitutional matters.

  • Safeguarding fundamental rights and human rights.

  • Handling immigration matters.

  • Addressing issues related to accidents, negligence activities, and health.

RSB is dedicated to providing solace in connection to your issues in Sri Lanka, regardless of your international location.


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Embracing Innovation in Our Thinking

As a virtual law firm catering to legal practice in Sri Lanka, we have extended our services to meet the needs of Sri Lankans residing internationally.

  • We facilitate the buying and selling of various types of properties, including condominiums.

  • Our sister organization is in place to manage selected properties in Sri Lanka.

  • Recognizing the dream of our international community to build their homes in the Motherland, we understand the challenges they may face in finding the right legal resources. Fortunately, our sister organization is at the forefront, ready to turn your dream into reality!

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